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  • Financial challenges stymie Gunter Fitness Center improvements

    QuestionI have been trying very hard to embrace the fit to fight mentality and improve my fitness and well-being even though I am a civilian. I also have to try and maintain my fitness for my Reserve duty. However, the conditions at the Gunter gym make it very difficult to do that. Because the air is so hot, stagnant and humid in the main gym, the
  • In defense of fathers who serve

    As Father's Day approaches, I would like to offer some personal thoughts about fathers who serve in the military. This article is written particularly for fathers who are now deployed or had to be away for frequent periods of time in the past. In my own case, and I have the best wife in the world, from time to time, when speaking of my son's
  • We all were there

    The head of the Snake has been severed, This raid could not be weathered, Bin Laden is dead, for he could not hide, Only a few were sent, but we all stood at their side, The fight is not over, but justice was done,We will continue to serve until this war is won. ~ Kamena The special operators assigned the mission to find and then capture or kill
  • Spouses: You are not alone

    My heart is heavy on this spouse appreciation day.I heard some sad news on one of the military spouse blogs, spousebuzz.com. A contributor named Jessica was so overwhelmed by being an Army wife that she tried to take her own life. Her husband's post-traumatic stress disorder was too much for her to face, and she took a drastic step.I've never met
  • Hard days: Advice to leaders suffering from emotional wounds

    My Mind's FearOnce, my warrior's heart knew no fear,Leading men at the tip of the spear,Our mission was to fight, for all that was right, good, and dear,I now stand alone; comrades and buddies no longer near,Fighting with memories that will not die,When the phantoms return, my mind cries,But one reality remains ever clear,This once brave
  • Those who also serve

         We call them brats, dependents and family members. They determine the size of our quarters and one's priority to even live in government housing. They are uprooted, transplanted, partake in sponsored activities and are the responsibility of the service member. They did not enlist nor were they drafted. They were born into the military. I was
  • Sexual assault is not who we are

    Editor's note: April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.I will always place the mission first.I will never accept defeat.I will never quit.I will never leave a fallen comrade.- Soldier's CreedI am an American Airman.Guardian of Freedom and Justice,My Nation's Sword and Shield,Its Sentry and Avenger.I defend my Country with my Life- Airman's Creed A
  • What Dental Auxiliary Appreciation Week means to me

    Dental Auxiliary Appreciation Week. What does that mean to me or you? It holds several meanings to me. I drive back to my days at Temple University School of Dentistry, and I think of all the things I was responsible for aside from learning how to be a good dentist and adapting to North Philadelphia. I wore several masks. I played the recruiter,
  • A leader's humor: If done right, it is worth the effort

    When the attack on Iraq finally began, people were already tired and nerves were on edge. It was February 1991. We had been in the desert now for more than seven months and had just returned from a successful raid some 40 kilometers into enemy territory. We were just given the word to go, to execute the plan we all had worked so hard to build,
  • Dignified – to confer honor or dignity on, to honor

    Saturday morning was beautiful, with crystal-clear skies. The temperature was very comfortable, and almost any outdoor sport would have been a joy.However, for more than a thousand members of the Maxwell community, they setaside their own personal desires to pay honor and tribute to a fallen brother.As I drove the route in preparation for the