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  • Sexual assault is not who we are

    Editor's note: April is Sexual Assault Awareness Month.I will always place the mission first.I will never accept defeat.I will never quit.I will never leave a fallen comrade.- Soldier's CreedI am an American Airman.Guardian of Freedom and Justice,My Nation's Sword and Shield,Its Sentry and Avenger.I defend my Country with my Life- Airman's Creed A
  • What Dental Auxiliary Appreciation Week means to me

    Dental Auxiliary Appreciation Week. What does that mean to me or you? It holds several meanings to me. I drive back to my days at Temple University School of Dentistry, and I think of all the things I was responsible for aside from learning how to be a good dentist and adapting to North Philadelphia. I wore several masks. I played the recruiter,
  • A leader's humor: If done right, it is worth the effort

    When the attack on Iraq finally began, people were already tired and nerves were on edge. It was February 1991. We had been in the desert now for more than seven months and had just returned from a successful raid some 40 kilometers into enemy territory. We were just given the word to go, to execute the plan we all had worked so hard to build,
  • Dignified – to confer honor or dignity on, to honor

    Saturday morning was beautiful, with crystal-clear skies. The temperature was very comfortable, and almost any outdoor sport would have been a joy.However, for more than a thousand members of the Maxwell community, they setaside their own personal desires to pay honor and tribute to a fallen brother.As I drove the route in preparation for the
  • ROTC is about opportunity

    It's 7:30 on a fall Tuesday morning on the campus of the MassachusettsInstitute of Technology. While many college students are still asleep orjust waking up, cadets from MIT's Air Force Reserve Officer Training CorpsDetachment 365 are gathering for their physical training class. PhysicalTraining, or PT, is just one aspect of a challenging AFROTC
  • In the service of the nation, it is never just another Christmas

    In December 1776, George Washington crossed the Delaware River to attack and defeat the Hessians at Trenton. This Christmas, victory gave our fledging nation the best present possible -- hope and a chance for survival. In every war and operation hence, the American military has found a way to remember and celebrate Christmas.This year is no
  • What's your thing?

    When the sun came up, it was obvious the company had not occupied the assembly area to standard. Security was non-existent; vehicles were clustered and facing in odd directions as if some giant had thrown them down like a handful of toy jacks. People were strolling around and having casual conversations as if speaking over a backyard fence. There
  • Apologizing: Putting self aside

    When the military police vehicle pulled behind my car with its blue lights flashing, I knew I had screwed up. I was not wearing a seat belt. Not a big deal? It is if you are the brigade commander in Germany. It is if you have a policy requiring a week's restriction of driving privileges for any traffic offense. It is if you are left on the side of
  • Lorenz on Leadership - Thank You

    This month I will officially retire and end my time as an active duty Airman in our beloved Air Force. Forty-one years ago I stepped off of a bus at the United States Air Force Academy - although it feels like only yesterday. Every day since then has been a true joy - a chance to share adventures and tackle challenges with each of you.When I
  • Commentary: Airmen leading the Air Force

    Too often in today's Air Force, junior Airmen -- both junior officers and enlisted Airmen -- perceive themselves as followers rather than leaders because of their relative junior rank and experience. Leading as a junior Airman is not always the easiest thing to do in the traditional sense, but it is vital to the success of our Air Force